Five Element Acupuncture

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Five Element Acupuncture is an ancient concept based on the fact that human beings and many other things such as the seasons can be divided into Five 'Elements'. These being Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. If a person is in absolute health then we would be at the centre of the diagram, perfectly balanced, but everyone tends to go out of balance in one direction. This is known as your Causative Factor or CF for short. An Example from the diagram would be that a Wood CF would go out of balance toward an imbalance in their Liver and Gallbladder. An Earth CF person would go out of balance in their Stomach and Spleen and so on. The organs in the centre of the circle are Yin organs and the organs on the outside of the circle are the Yang organs. They are paired such as the Lung and Large intestines. If you follow the Generating or Ke cycle (main circle) Then it is said that for example the Triple Heater is the 'Mother' of the Stomach and the Large Intestine is the 'Son' of the Stomach. This follows around the whole cycle and goes in a circle. Eventually every organ depends on the others to a more or less extent to keep it in balance.


To find out which CF a person belongs to an Acupuncturist will ask you lots of questions during your diagnosis. From they way you answer we can tell which CF you belong to. We can even tell from your smell! This is why it is important not to wear strong perfume.

If you are interested in this ancient system there are lots of books written on the subject or look on the internet under "Five Elements", there may even be a book at your library on the subject.


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